Our team of consultants have done a wide variety of projects and our clients have ranged from Airlines, Banks, Mortgage, Software companies, Mobile Phone Companies, and various departments of the government. Our clients have ranged from startup to fortune 100 companies. Some of the Projects, Global Software Solutions Inc. was involved in are as follows:

Advance Planning Exchange (Financial Forecasting System)
Our team of System Analysts designed and helped the migration of Financial Forecasting System of Fortune 100 Company, from Standalone RS/6000 Servers to High Available (HACMP) Scalable PowerParallel (RS/6000 SP) systems. They also developed a split mirror backup solution for the massive database stored on 14,000 GB on double mirrored (triple copy) of disk storage. The application used to be stopped for 8 to 10 hours, to get a clean backup, but after the implementation of the Split mirror scheme and the ADSM, the application downtime was reduced to only about 30 minutes. We also developed a Web based application to get the status of backup activities on the cluster of SP nodes.

Financial Service DataCenters Migrations
Our team of System Analysts designed and helped the migration of DataCenters, including applications and server at a Bank in New York City. We also helped in designing and implementing numerous Web Applications to meet the high growth of the e-commerce. The solutions include designing Highly Scaleable Web Servers, which have scalability and load balancing functionality. We are also working in setting up Geographical Remote mirroring (EMC/SRDF) to connect the DataCenters of the Bank across to very far away cities. This functionality would enable the company to carry on the global business transparently, even if there is a catastrophe at any of its DataCenters.

Scheduling System of Airline
Global Software Solutions, Inc. was involved in developing, maintaining and enhancing the Scheduling System of a major US Airline. The system was written in C, C++ and Motif and was used by Airline Analysts to develop the schedule for the airline. The system had a graphical interface written in Motif that helped Analysrts to visualize the schedule. Global Software Solutions, Inc. was solely responsible for maintaing the system from January 1998 to January 1999.

Mobile Phone Applications
Developed an application (Rapix subscriber services) in J2ME that allows cellular handsets to communicate with PC based servers running Windows 2000/95/98/Me over the internet and access information. Rapix subscriber services enable instant connections to any home or office computing system, allowing users to access, send, print, or fax files from any hand-held device. Implemented encryption algorithm based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in C and Java that allows all communications between the mobile device and PC to be encrypted. Designed and Developed the front end application for the mobile devices using J2ME. Developed the backed server for the PC that allows the communication between the mobile device and the PC.

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